Vacation to Carolina Beach

August 2, 2015

We just came back from North Carolina Beach for a vacation last week.

As some people(Ezra Firestone) said “ Rest is undersold by society”, I couldn’t agree more.

Resting helps you refocus where you are and recharge to get where you are going.

The summary of my vacation – Having rested, relaxed, sunshine, sound of ocean waves, watching baby turtle’s journey from seashore to the ocean…. definitely help me reset my goals and help me energized.

Yes, take your time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.

Enjoy some of the photos and videos.

20150724_100721_Cloverdale Cir(1)

Jerry pouting before the trip. He thought he didn’t get to go, he he.



After he got on the van. He is happy to go with us.

After he got on the van. He is happy to go with us.

Venus Flytrap in action. We had great time playing with it, but I felt bad afterwords. It takes a couple of weeks for the plant to reopen. It will not be able to eat for that time period. we will drop a fly or two next time.

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