Setting up WordPress

Learn to Set Up a Blog Using WordPress

August 8, 2015

Setting Up A Blog Page Using WordPress

I got a few comments that people expressed interested in setting up a blog. Setting up a blog using WordPress platform is not hard. As I mentioned in other pages, I do not have coding experience and just followed along the video.

I want to introduce you that taught me to get started with my blog. It is very easy to follow along you don’t need coding experience.  You will have your blog set up in no time. Also you don’t have to break your bank either.

But wait… Why not just use YouTube and other free resources to learn all there is about WordPress? I have tried that…

The amount of videos online means that I’d have to wade through 500 conflicting opinions of people who, most likely, don’t know what they are talking about. And it gets worse…If I wanted to master the basics of WordPress from A-Z there is just NO WAY I could do it by simply typing in a Google or YouTube search!

Introducing WPzero – the definitive training course on WordPress 4.0 & Beyond… Do not wait another day without knowing to set up your blog. You are leaving money on the table.

WP Zero- This is the most comprehensive training course I found so far.

– It is just updated for version 4.0

– The knowledge it covers her is pretty much valid for Any version of WordPress so far…and It’s not likely to change over the next releases.

Well…why don’t you click here to get details.