Setting up WordPress

Learn to Set Up a Blog Using WordPress

August 8, 2015

Setting Up A Blog Page Using WordPress

I got a few comments that people expressed interested in setting up a blog. Setting up a blog using WordPress platform is not hard. As I mentioned in other pages, I do not have coding experience and just followed along the video.

I want to introduce you that taught me to get started with my blog. It is very easy to follow along you don’t need coding experience.  You will have your blog set up in no time. Also you don’t have to break your bank either.

But wait… Why not just use YouTube and other free resources to learn all there is about WordPress? I have tried that…

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Vacation to Carolina Beach

August 2, 2015

We just came back from North Carolina Beach for a vacation last week.

As some people(Ezra Firestone) said “ Rest is undersold by society”, I couldn’t agree more.

Resting helps you refocus where you are and recharge to get where you are going.

The summary of my vacation – Having rested, relaxed, sunshine, sound of ocean waves, watching baby turtle’s journey from seashore to the ocean…. definitely help me reset my goals and help me energized.

Yes, take your time to count your blessings and be grateful for what you have.

Enjoy some of the photos and videos.

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Make Money Online

Make Money Selling on Amazon Using ASM Course

April 14, 2015

ASM(Amazing Selling Machine) 5 Launch!

Okay, it is that time. Time to make a decision to change your life and your family’s too.

This result is 7 month time period where I have been able to achieve on Amazon business using ASM course, selling 2 products. I was also working full time as a nurse. This result is NOT ATYPICAL . A lot of people do BETTER than I do. I do not have experience making money online prior to this result!  If I can do it, anyone can!


This did not happen overnight, but it did not take 5 years either.

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Make Money Online

ASM Review

February 27, 2015